Grade 9 Periodic Table Assignment By Jeremy

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6th Grade Science

August 23, 2016




Mon - Review hydrosphere in a bottle / Vocab #14 *Due fri w/ quiz*

Tues - Notes: Draw hydrosphere / Bird Research #3 *DUE WED*

Wed - Finish hydros pics / Preview of Nature center presenter

Thurs - Naturalist from Great Plans Nature Center - birds

Fri - vocab #14 quiz / Outside for bird observations


2/26/18   Due to the days off school from the ice last week, we will be making up several of last week's lesson plans

Mon - Grade study guide

Tues- Exam chp 12

Wed - Bird Research #3

Thurs - Hydrosphere in a bottle set up

Fri - Hydrosphere in a bottle observations





Tues - Study Guide for Chp 12 *TEST THURSDAY*

Wed - Grade Study guide / review game

Thurs - Test Chp 12 

Fri - Bird Research #3



Mon - Lab: Unknowns

Tue - finish unknowns Lab

Wed - bird ID quiz #2 / Notes Law of Conservation

Thurs - Polymer Lab





Tues - Reteach vocab or polystyrene lab

Wed - Demo: flame test / Bird Research #2

Thurs - Lab: Law of conservation of Mass

Fri - Bird Research #2 DUE MONDAY*


1/29/18 We will finish phys properties and move on to chemical properties this week. Bird Research #1 is due MONDAY and we will begin the second set on Friday. Bird ID quiz on Tues and vocab quiz on Friday also.

Mon - Review bird ID/ Record MMS species / Make key for phys. properties of seeds

Tues - Bird ID quiz / Notes: chem. reactions / vocab #13 *DUE FRIDAY WITH QUIZ

Wed - Chem reactions demo: flame test / finish vocab #13

Thurs - Lab: Acids and bases

Fri - vocab #13 quiz / Bird Research #2


1/22/18 We are working on Physical Properties this week as well as continuing our Bird Research.

Mon - Vocab Review / finish phys. prop of sharks

Tues - Voc quiz #12 / grade shark ID / Notes: phys & chem & states of matter

Wed - Amazing Elements Race Game

Thurs - Phys prop lab: seed characteristics / Bird Research

Fri - Bird Research *DUE MONDAY W/ ONE WORK CITED*


1/16/18 We will be starting our new long term project : Winter Birds and also starting Chp. 12 which is chemical reactions


Tues - Hand back tests / Begin winter Bird research and binocular use

Wed - Vocab #12 / Demo: physical & chemical properties

Thurs - Phys properties activity: shark ID

Fri - Bird Research



1/8/18  This will be our review week for  our Test on Chp 11, Chemistry! Which is on Friday!

Mon - element, comp, mix activity / finish crossword puzzle

Tues - Notes review (bonding) / Bonding activity

Wed - Study Guide Chp 11  *DUE THURSDAY**  TEST FRIDAY

Thurs - Grade Study guide / Review Game



1/3/18  Welcome Back! We are reviewing to reawaken our brains to chemistry. We do have a quiz on Friday.

Wed - Activity #19 review

Thurs - grade #19 / make model atoms

Fri - Atom quiz / Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle



12/11/18 Last full week before Winter Break! We will be making sure we understand the basic information from the Periodic Table of Elements and then apply that knowledge of elements, molecules & compounds with some labs. *LEAF AND TREE RESEARCH PROJECT IS DUE TUESDAY. WORTH 40 PTS!!*

Mon - Begin Making our own Periodic Table Posters *DUE AT END OF CLASS WED*

Tues - Turn in Leaf and Tree Research Project / Continue working on Period Table Posters

Wed - Notes: isotopes, ions, formulas & compounds / Finish posters and post on wall 


Thurs - Soap Lab: molecules, compounds and mixtures 

Fri - Polymer Lab


12/4/17 - This week we are working on using the Periodic Table and are finishing up our Leaf and Tree Projects *DUE TUESDAY DEC. 12 & WORTH 40 PTS!*

Mon - Drawing Atoms Activity / Ceiling Posters (Periodic Table) / vocab #11 *DUE THURS W/ QUIZ*

Tues - Notes: atoms pt 2 / Finish posters & vocab #11

Wed - Review voc. / Elemental Math Tutorial online / Leaf Research

Thurs - vocab #11 Quiz / Lab: elements, compounds and mixtures

As 9th graders, the students have all been introduced to the periodic table in varying degrees throughout their educational careers. The Lecture Notes in today's lesson will review the very basics of matter and periodic table to ensure that all students have the same strong foundation to build their understanding of Biochemistry. In addition to reviewing the composition of an atom and the design of the periodic table, students will start to visualize and predict trends in chemical reactions between the groups of elements.

Students will record their lecture notes on their own paper titled, Lecture Notes: Review of the Periodic Table. Samples of Student Work to demonstrate student note-taking strategies and recording of the curriculum as it is presented to the class.

Since this content is a review for most of the students from their 8th grade science class, an emphasis will be placed on expanding the students' understanding and use of the periodic table as a tool to guide their biochemistry experiences!  Shockingly, many students are required to memorize portions of the periodic table!  A more effective long-term strategy is to encourage students to learn how to use the periodic table as a tool and insist they repeatedly use these skills. By connecting the periodic table with the experiences in class, students are able to predict trends for the families of elements and hypothesize the types of bonds that will form due to the elements' positions on the periodic table.  

The periodic table is the strongest tool you can equip you students with as they embark on their adventure in the word of biochemistry!


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