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In the Critical & Creative Thinking, MA (MA CCT) with a concentration in Ethics & Values program, students discover the manner in which our ethics and values impinge on the rest of our lives.

Students will apply a wide variety of theories and methodologies from philosophy, religious studies and political science in the exploration of the human condition.

Through coursework, students will:

  • Gain a deeper theoretical understanding of the multifaceted relationships between ethics and values
  • Analyze the cross-cultural significance of human values, ethical practices and social movements in the geo-politics of globalization and sustainability
  • Explore the relationship between ethics and other facets of human experience such as culture, politics, religion and economics
  • Investigate the nature of conflict and different strategies or conflict resolution and gain a fuller toolbox of ways to respond to the tensions that often erupt from the collision of different ethics and values

Students completing this program must complete 30 credit hours, including the following requirements:

  • Introduction to Critical & Creative Thinking
  • 12 credit hours chosen from a primary concentration
  • An additional 12 credit hours chosen through an array of electives from outside the primary concentration or from a secondary MA CCT concentration
  • A graduate project

More about the graduate project:

The graduate project for the MA CCT degree is intended to represent the culmination of a student's work within the program. Students propose and produce an independent creative project under the guidance of a faculty adviser drawing on their experiences throughout the program of study. The project may take one of a variety of forms. Examples include (but are not limited to), a formal research paper, development of a mobile app, production of a film or development of a project or program to be implemented in the student's community or place of employment.

More about the Master of Arts in Critical and Creative Thinking (MA CCT):

The Master of Arts in Critical & Creative Thinking (MA CCT) embodies the College of Arts & Sciences’ ongoing commitment to personal enrichment as well as to the practical application of analytical skills and knowledge in a diverse array of both for-profit and nonprofit professional environments. This interdisciplinary degree provides a unique opportunity to pursue both breadth and depth within the rich and diverse landscape of the liberal arts and sciences. Students pursuing this degree will enhance their career potential by developing advanced skills and abilities necessary for critical thinking, creativity and leadership.

The online Master of Arts in Critical and Creative Thinking offers six concentrations including:
  • Cultural & Global Analysis
  • Ethics & Values
  • Health & the Environment
  • International Migration, Development & Citizenship
  • Organizational Science & Leadership
  • Writing & Critical Reflection

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers - standard descriptors addressed in this course

3.3.2 Select and use relevant teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and creative thinking (CCT).

6.2.2 Participate in learning to update knowledge and best practice targeted to professional needs and school priorities.

Professional Objectives

The aim of this course is for you to achieve the following objectives (aligned to the above Australian Professional Standards for Teachers):

You will gain an array of strategies, tools and resources that enable you to teach and equip your students to use critical and creative thinking (CCT) across the curriculum and to solve problems and design and produce products (APST 3.3.2).

You will learn that CCT can not only be taught but also measured. You will take away a range of CCT student feedback and assessment tools.

Many schools have included creativity and critical thinking and 21st century learning as goals in their school plan or Strategic Directions. The information in this course will give teachers and leaders means and methods to accomplish this in their class or school (APST 6.2.2).


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