Hsun Tzu Essay

idea that “to pursue is to be a man; to give up is to become a beast.” Throughout the entire essay Hsun Tzu gave numerous examples and facts to uphold his argument. In addition to that, the language that he used in this essay is very straightforward. Unlike a lot of essays which use informal language, Hsun Tzu used very formal language to make his point in this essay. As one of the greatest philosophers, Hsun Tzu was undoubtedly well-educated. Thus his form of delivery was very official, but, in spite of this, the reader can still easily grasp the essence of this essay because of its well-structured organization and clarity. He clearly stated its main point and upheld it with an abundant amount of examples and illustrations. Furthermore, the supporting details that he used were all linked, it is almost impossible for readers to be lost in this article. Overall, this essay sounded very effective to me. I was totally persuaded because of its Logos. In my opinion, evidence speaks over everything. There were many people who talked about how learning is so vital but, personally, I have never seen any of them include as much evidence in their writing. Also, Hsun Tzu adhered to the belief that all human-beings were born evil and only learning can wash off the evilness and turn people to good. This view is quite similar to “nature versus nurture”. The educational and study environments play major roles in people’s achievements. Generally in today’s society, people who have a greater educational background often

Jiahong Liu 10/7/11 English 102 Prof.Hill Rhetorical Analysis In the essay "Encouraging Learning," Hsun Tzu emphasized the importance of continuous learning. Hsun Tzu was one of the famous early Confucian philosophers and was well known for his views on human nature; that all human-beings are born evil. He believed that natural human instinct can only be changed through rigorous training and dedicated study. He also believed that learning should never cease, people should keep learning until their deaths; to pursue is to be a man, to give up on education is to become a beast and, based on his beliefs, only endless learning can make allow man to make the transformation from evil to good. In this essay, Hsun Tzu’s targeted audience was mainly educators, students, scholars but was also all people in general. He was successful in persuading his audience due to his credibility of being a great scholar and philosopher and by providing numerous examples; furthermore, the essay is fairly straightforward and easy to understand although the language that he used was very formal. People are likely to be persuaded when the persuader has strong credibility, this was certainly true for Hsun Tzu. He was one of the three great Confucian philosophers during the warring period in China. “Hsun Tzu, as the first philosopher to create a complete system of Confucian thought, remains an important figure in the


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