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Entering CSULA was the biggest sacrifice I had to make. This college helped provide essential educational tools that helps me succeed in all of my courses. The campus itself is breathtaking, while encompassing many diverse students from all parts of the world.
Professors seem to be generally okay. Like any other college, there's a highly charged leftist political atmosphere which can be good or bad depending on who you ask. As for education, not bad. It's one of the cheapest colleges and it's good enough for trade-based professions, although some of the departments seem to be disorganized.
I love CSULA. Some the classes were hard but the professors were helpful and wonderful. I thing I would change would be adding more classes.
In the half a year that I have been attending Cal State LA for I have felt very safe and very satisfied with the overall quality of the school. The school is very warm and welcoming to the students who attend there as well as parents, alumni, schools, etc. and they do their best to meet everyone's needs. I enjoy the experience and cannot wait to graduate from my intended major.
I rate this school an average school because although it is a beautiful campus in my opinion, it does not feel like a school with many majors like other schools. It does not have much options but great campus. Not so great community.
I really like the school environment and how the campus is not too small or too big. There is a lot of things to do there during your free time. Also the newly renovated library is a nice place for everyone to go study and feel more comfortable. The food court could improve a little more or add more options for the students and staff to decide on.
What I love about my experience while I first transfer and started my first day here at Cal State Los Angeles was that many students that have already been here for couple of semester help me get around campus to my classes when I was lost. I love that they have so many resources here for example they have financial aid office, counseling advisors, clubs, organization clubs, sports, and health center. My first day many of my Professors as well as school faculty made me feel at home. Overall I love this school. I made the right choice to attend this school.
Difficult to find classes you need especially junior and senior year. Some professors work hard and care for their students but there are those who don't care as well.
So far, I like where I go. I chose this school based on convenience and accessibility, but my circumstances changed and now it isn't that convenient anymore. The bus pass they have available for the bus I need is more expensive than the others they offer. That would be a change I would like to see.
I enjoy the very interesting classes, the big campus and the clubs offered by the university. Something I would like to see change would be the class sizes. I would hope they get smaller.
It looks like a good school. The area that it is in is safe. It is also a nice area. There are good food places inside the campus. They offer a variety of choices.
School is hard in CSULA and the campus size is very small compared to other CSU's. Less diverse and also less communication between students.
I chose this college because it is very convenient for me and my wife. We both work so when i transferred from ELAC It was an easy transition.
I love the atmosphere of the school, everyone is friendly and helpful whether they know you or not. I think this school is very great for Hispanics as well seeing as though there are many Hispanic students. The professors are also very helpful and love to see you succeed, it is very motivating.
Cal State LA is a good budget school that gives lots of value to your money. One of the lower Cal States but it is very good if you are interested in getting your degree and getting a good job without breaking the bank. The vibe at Cal State LA is very mellow, there is many groups and activities that you can get into to make you feel like you are having a good college experience.
The campus is not that huge so that makes it easier for students to get around to their classes. It is also very diverse which I think is amazing because you get to meet new people everyday. The only thing I don't like about this school is parking. It gets packed sometimes. But other than, this college is good if you're an undergrad. It's in the center of L.A. as well so there's so many places to visit.
The college is filled with diversity, teachers I had so far have been nice and helpful in the classroom. There’s a lot of places to eat and to hangout with friends
The campus is a perfect size for getting to classes. There are many events held on campus each week such as cultural and food events!

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Degrees Offered

- MBA (Full-Time, Part-Time, Executive MBA)
  With options in:
  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Entertainment Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Health Care Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

- MS Accountancy
- MA Economics
- MS Health Care Management
- MS Information Systems

Academic Programs

As many of our students have full-time work responsibilities, our graduate business programs are designed to enable them to realize their career ambitions while successfully balancing their professional schedules. Typically, new students can expect to obtain their degrees within 18-24 months.

The College of Business & Economics is designed to offer a range of business disciplines to concentrate in while also providing a strong foundation giving students an enterprise-wide view. Our MBA provides our students with knowledge that widens their perspective and helps them to think strategically. For instance, an MBA candidate in marketing can expect to finish our program more experienced in quantitative areas of business, which becomes an asset to the student as they begin to work with the data that defines their marketing goals.


Cal State L.A.’s business faculty are award-winning teachers, scholars and mentors. With over 150 full-time and part-time professors coming from all walks of life, our faculty is proud to make an impact at the College of Business & Economics and provide their students with the knowledge they have obtained from their careers and life in general.


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