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Yale 2015

by BellyfullBirth
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  1. 2 I've never posted here before but am going to be applying to Yale School of Nursing this fall for a 2015 start in the GEPN program, CNM/WHNP cohort. Wondering if there are others out there preparing to do the same? I'm heading down to their info session next week.
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  3. How did you like it? I'm going to try and visit in June i'm also looking at the GEPN cnm specialty. Any other programs you are looking into?
  4. Jun 10, '14 by cornellcnm
    I am also applying for the GEPN cnm specialty for 2015, looks like there are a few of us! Let us know how you liked it. I was hoping to get a visit in sometime this summer.
  5. Jun 23, '14 by BendOregon
    I went through the application process last year and got an offer of admission that I was not able to accept (long story). I will likely be reapplying this year. My own personal opinion is that the entire admissions process from start to finish is first-rate. Communication between admissions staff and applicants is very open and respectful. If the program is run half as well as the admissions office, then students are in for a great educational experience.
  6. Hello! I'll be applying this year, to the FNP track. Looking forward to this application finally opening in a few days...
  7. I'm also applying for the CNM GEPN cohort. Looks like I am in good company! I'm thinking of attending the info session in Bethesda, MD next month. Anyone else? What other schools are you applying to?
  8. Jun 26, '14 by ToTheStudent
    They have excellent personnel in the admissions office. Very helpful. My advice, as far as applying, be prepared for a tricky essay. I won't reveal what it requires, as you'll find out soon, but just be sure to follow instructions to the letter. Good luck!
  9. I had heard about the essay that you've got to answer everything in a particular order and it's pretty involved.
  10. Jul 8, '14 by RaspberryJam
    Just coming by to say that I will be applying to Yale as well for the AG-ACNP track !
  11. I emailed Admissions to get some clarification about the essay, and was told that we don't need to answer the questions in order; we just need to make sure each question is answered.

    I thought that was great since it seems in past years, it was emphasized that you need to answer everything in order.
  12. Jul 30, '14 by GuiltyLove
    I'm applying too! I just looked at the essay part and there are SO many questions. Hope this goes well for everyone.
  13. How's everyone doing with the essay?
  14. Aug 30, '14 by Easyas123247
    Essay completed. Finishing resume. Waiting for academic letter of rec. to submit (for the last 2 months).

Yale GEPN 2018

by rls2018
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  1. 0 Hey everyone! Now that applications have been out for a while, has anyone started the process of applying for the Yale GEPN program? I hope that your applications are going well if you have! Also, if there are any current GEPN students that happen across this thread, if you have time, feel free to share your experiences in the program and any tips you may have Thanks!
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  3. Hey! Current GEPN here. Let me know if you have Any questions or want any advice!
  4. Thank you so much for offering your feedback! I really appreciate that. I've pretty much completed my essays and am just curious about points to emphasize. I have a rather untraditional background, but have made a great turn around. I've emphasized my motivation and perseverance, as well as my commitment to serving those who have less access to healthcare (I currently volunteer as a birth doula for teenaged/underprivileged mothers who would otherwise not have access to the benefits of a doula). I'm applying to the CNM specialty and have fallen in love with Yale and their commitment to better healthcare for all people. However, I'm really nervous because of my background. My cumulative GPA is low (a 2.93) as a result of a poor school fit and severe depression. But at the school where I have completed most of my credits, my GPA is a 3.57. I scored a 162V 159Q 5.0W on the GRE. I guess I'm just absolutely terrified about my prospects because of my past.

    Aside from my rambling (so sorry!), I'm curious about your experiences in the program so far! I'd love to hear more about it from a student's perspective, as well as how you're enjoying it!

    Thank you!
  5. Hi Yale2020PsychNP! Thank you for joining this thread! I'm applying for GEPN, specifically the psychiatric NP track. You just started this year, correct? What is your first impression of the program so far (e.g., experience in clinicals, course demands, overall structure)? Also, any specific advice regarding the essay and/or CV/resume? Thank you in advance!
  6. Oct 12, '17 by Yale2020PsychNP
    Hey everyone!

    Sorry for the delay. I know how helpful Allnurses was for me when applying/picking a school so I am more than happy to help answer anything I can.

    I started this year in the Psych track. So far I love the program and am so excited to be here. It is a lot of work however. I don't think any class is super hard but its just a lot of material all the time being covered, exams, and long clinical days. The faculty are outstanding and I am super impressed with them. Everyone I know enjoys their clinical site. We have med-surg in the fall, so 12 hour days at one site for 6 weeks then it changes for another 6 weeks. We have ILCE (inter professional longitudinal clinical experience) clinical once a week with medical students or PA students to work on medical history taking and interviewing.

    My best advice for the essay and resume is BE YOURSELF and stop worrying! The essay is the number 1 thing they look at. They really do read everything in your application. Grades/GRE do not matter that much. I had a low GPA (around 3.0 with undergrad and prereqs i took at other schools after) and average GRE (which is the least of what they care about I think) Yale is all about who you are, where you come from, and what you want to do. They have told us a few times they could easily fill their class with perfect 4.0 students but they don't choose to. My interviewer said she looks for people who have done amazing things (in or outside of healthcare) and will do amazing things as a NP. I am kind of rambling now but really want passion and look at what you will bring to the profession.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help answer whether its logically or just about the program.
  7. Hi Yale2020PsychNP - thank you for your advice! One last question-if we received a bad GRE score in one section, do you recommend providing an explanation in the additional upload section of the application?
  8. Yale2020PsychNP, thank you so much for your advice and information about the program! I really appreciate it.
    kwub, I went to an info session at Yale over the summer and they suggested that if you have any low grades/low test scores to write about why and upload it in the "additional upload" section of the application. Hope that helps!
    I officially submitted my application, and now comes the waiting game! Trying not to stress out too much and let whatever happens happen. Best of luck to all of you!
  9. Thank you, rls2018! One last question-did you receive confirmation from Sandy once your GRE scores and/or transcripts were received? That's great you submitted your app! Best of luck to you!
  10. I didn't. I sent out my GRE scores when I took the GRE back in April and it showed up as "verified" when the application went live. As for transcripts, I sent them out when I was still working through the application. I remember seeing somewhere that they won't confirm receipt of your transcripts until your app is submitted. When I submitted the app, it directed to a new screen with a checklist. My transcripts were marked off as received there, but I never received an email confirmation from Sandy.

    Thanks for the luck! I'm sure I'll need every bit of it I'm just relieved that it's out of my hands now.
  11. Thank you!
  12. Hi! New to this, but I am trying to figure out my odds for Yale GEPN. Research assistant in neuropsychiatry for 1 year, oncology clinical trials for 2.5 years, hospice volunteer, appalachian service trip, phlebotomy trained, and 40 shadowing hours. My GPA is 3.4; however, my GRE is 50th percentile for verbal and slightly lower for quantitative. I'm extremely worried about my GRE score.

    Any advice would be great (especially from current students). Thanks!
  13. Oct 19, '17 by future_NP2020

    I'm a current GEPN. I'd be happy to answer any questions you guys might have as well!

    Let me know! Best of luck to all of you.
  14. Oct 21, '17 by aprnstudent2018
    Hi all!
    I am currently applying to Yale this cycle as a PMHNP. I am a little unsure as to whether they are requesting ONE comprehensive for that long list of questions, and then TWO supplements, or all of that in a single essay. Admissions seems to be super inconsistent. Also, are any of you having trouble getting your Statement of Purpose down to 400-600 words?! Any feedback is appreciated!


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