Bad Effects Of Watching Movies Essays

In today’s time, the movies are one of the biggest sources of entertainment. Most of the people love to watch the movies and the weekend is definitely the right time. All the multiplexes are houseful during this time with movies getting an overwhelming response from the audience. There is no denial to the fact that movies are gaining a lot of popularity with few of them really showcasing the society and bringing a huge revolution. On the other hand, there are some which provoke people and end up having an adverse impact on their life.

Movies not only offer several advantages to the people but there are a few disadvantages too. Here we will talk about the same.

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Pros of watching movies:

•    As already discussed that movies are a good source of entertainment as it adds spice to your life. You can get rid of your boring day and make it fun filled. In short watching movies is a superb activity if you wish to spend your day.
•    If you are fond of spending time with your friends and family members then watching a movie with them is a superb idea. It is certainly a different experience to watch a movie together and spend quality time with the people you love.
•    Movies are a source of inspiration and provide a lot of information as well. Movies made on famous personalities help you to know more about them and at the same time learn from their life.
•    With the help of the movies, you come to know about the different things happening in our society. There are many incidents which we are not aware of but when movies are made on such topics it is a way to bring them into limelight thus letting people know about them.
Apart from the positive effects that the movies have on our lives, it also has a negative effect on it.

Cons of watching movies:

•    Some of the movies have adult content in it which spoils the college going students, these movies not only spoil their mentality but change their thinking as well.
•    People learn wrong habits like smoking and drinking which are showcased in almost all the movies. This is definitely a big concern as the major audience of the movies is the adults and they get carried away with the stuff done by their favorite actors.
•    A few movies even have a provoking message which creates conflicts among the people thus disturbing the harmony of the place as well as the country.
So it is very important that the film-makers understand that value of movies in people’s life and make sure that the right theme is projected. This will not only change the society but also help the people in living a happy life. Movies are just a mirror for us and therefore we should grab the positive things from rather than leaning towards the negative ones. So watch good movies that inspire you and bring a change in your life.


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Movies – A negative impact on children?

Watching movies is a favourite pastime for everyone especially children. Children are greatly influenced from watching all sorts of movies and try to act on it among their family and friends. Children can learn a lot from watching certain movies but not controlling the type of movies they watch have a great impact on them. As a result these children end up being violent, dishonest, committing illegal activities and misbehaving and yes it could be agreed that movies do have a negative impact on children. Firstly, it will elaborate more on the negative impacts of movies towards children. Then it will describe ways in which it can be reduced.
To begin with, watching movies causes violent behaviour in children at a very young age. When too much movies and T.V is watched by children their mental development, health, conversation with adults and interaction with other children are affected. In America, an average child watches 200 000 violent acts on television and such movies are acted by the ‘good guys’ and children admire them. (www.http// Children’s minds do not contain any malice and are quiet innocent. They do not know that their action affects their career and future in a very large way.
Furthermore, movies discourage positive activities. For example, children who grow up surrounded by movies spend less time reading and participating in outdoor activities as these results in children not knowing how to read and being obese. Reading and being physically active develops a child’s concretion, thinking and help them mentally. ( According to the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) that children under two years old should not watch T.V at all whereas those above two should watch at least one to two hours of educational programmes. T.V gets in the way of ones learning ability both physically and socially and interaction with parents and others. (www.http//
In addition,...

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