Cs504 Assignment 2 Solution 2012

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My MTH401 [differential equations] today Mid Term Paper.

MCQs were eventually easy and they weren't that much hard to solve. 

Most of the MCQs were from chapter No 3 to 12.

2 marks questions:
  • Variations of parameters to find the value of w1
  • Show independence b/w p(x) and g(x)
3 marks questions:
  • To find IF of a differential equation given
  • Showing the equation to prove coefficients(given from chapter 16
5 marks questions:
  • First order linear equation to be solved DE was given.
  • Finding Annihilator operator approach of a given DE
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Assignment 2 CS504, Deadline= 25th January 2018, Marks = 20, (Two pages assignment)


There is a context aware mobile application which provides services to end users about nearby restaurant for lunch/dinner, nearby mosque, hospitals, and schools using sensor/s.  This Context aware application works with a combination of sensors in order to adjust themselves according to their external environment.  Few other requirements are also illustrated below:

  • Application can find nearby restaurants by taking advantage of sensors like GPS, accelerometer, time, etc. Application will take context aware decision based upon user’s location, activities, etc.
  • Application should provide a user friendly interface to user in order to view nearby restaurant, mosques, hospitals, schools. The view can either be list, grid or maps based.
  • The application should provide user with interface for setting priorities for his meal time (lunch, dinner etc.) alerts using time.
  • The application should be able to detect weather the person is busy or free to use the application.

For further understanding of the system, use case diagram of this system is given below:

Q: Draw the logical model/class diagram of the above scenario.  

Q: Draw the architecture of the above system (three tiers) and mention which architectural style can map with this system with proper justification.

Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

  1. The assignment is submitted after due date
  2. The assignment is copied
  3. The assignment solution does not have own ID as database name
  4. The assignment solution has other student ID

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