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Welcome to DCS!

First you have to select the appropriate mode in the controls screen. I suggest you fly in sim mode, so select p-51 sim.

After that you have to select the axis commands from the pull down menu.
Then you should clear all assignments for the axis on all devices. For that you click on an assignment and then click "clear category" on the top of the screen.

Then you can assign the axis you want by simply double clicking the entry and moving the axis you want to assign. Dont forget to tune the axis afterwards, where you can set curvature, deadzones, etc and maybe invert the axis.
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Originally Posted by Majo
Well, thank you very much for the help!!!

Clearing the Axis settings made the trick.
Now everything goes fine.
I can foresee some hours of axis tuning and key assigning...

Two guys that are real CH gurus are the guy named Crunch here and to LockOn is quite the CH programmer into scripts and Shift commands to get more buttons out of the CH Control Manager.

Bob Church is the guy to CH Hanger for help and Revin and a guy named Ghost which I suspect is Crunch.

Konkussion here was very helpful to me with the Warthog, but I have not seen him posting in quite awhile.

I created my own .map based on my Aces High profile for the CH Control Manager for the P-51D out of necessity. I modified it and renamed it specific for DCS World. I am not too fond of Track IR 5, but I allowed for it. If I pause TIR5, I then can use my view hats instead, and if I want, jump back to TIR5. My CH gear is Fighterstick, PT and PP all USB. Konkussion helped me the most with DCS. I use the Black Shark profile by Crunch that works for BS1 and BS2 and he or somebody gave me a mess of tutorials learning about the Control Manager, but I am still a novice at it. If I can do it, anybody can.

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Posted 16 October 2015 - 21:14

Windows 10 will not keep your joystick numbers (joy0 joy2 ect) constant. It will change them on its own whenever you plug in a new device, even a keyboard, change a device or when it runs a Windows update. Windows 7 and Vista would keep those joy# assignments so long as you didn't unplug the device but that's not the case with Windows 10. They will change sometimes even if you do nothing. Having them plugged in via a hub vs directly makes no difference.

This is obviously a big problem for RoF (and BoS) since they only recognize the controllers this way and not by name.

So watch out if you're considering the W10 upgrade.

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